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ACEs Aware Data Reports

Client: ACEs Aware contracted through Hyperobjekt


- Data visualization design for ACEs Aware website

Tools used: Figma, Excel

I was hired through digital agency Hyperobjekt to design visualizations for the ACEs Aware website on a project managed by Hillcrest Advisory. We were able to use excellent data from California statewide surveys to demonstrate information about Adverse Childhood Effects. The goal of these visualizations is to provide insight to providers, researchers, and citizens. All research and data was provided through Hillcrest Advisory, and all project management, strategy, and development was provided by Hyperobjekt.

Medi-Cal Members Screened for ACEs:

This visualization uses two choropleth maps to depict the percentage of Medi-Cal members who have been screened for ACEs grouped by age. This allows a viewer to see which counties in California are screening well or under-screening.

Under the maps is a side-by-side bar chart illustrating the same screening data in a format that allows the user to sort by ascending, descending, or alphabetical for further analysis.


ACEs Training:

This page uses a table and a choropleth map to show the number of individuals who have completed ACEs Aware Training. The map updates based on the column selected. The user can scroll and select a county to highlight it on the table and on the map. The table is sort-able within the column headers to sort the data by total trained, individuals trained per 1,000 residents, or alphabetically by county name.

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