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HIMSS 2021 Las Vegas

Global Conference Posters



- 2 posters for HIMSS21 global conference in Las Vegas

Tools used: D3.js, Illustrator, RAWgraphs, Excel

I collaborated with healthcare data and software company to design and develop two gallery posters exploring COVID-19 data. Arcadia data scientists provided the data, analysis and subject expertise.

A Long COVID Road Traveled:

This visualization explores how 1 million COVID-19 cases are distributed among those symptomatic, asymptomatic, hospitalized, and deceased across a 20 week period. We see how these case amounts fluctuate over time, as well as how the symptom classes (for example, respiratory symptoms) flow between each 4 week grouping. At the bottom, the symptoms most commonly experienced at weeks 16-20 (Long Haul COVID) are listed. Poster also shown on Arcadia's data gallery website.

To create this visualization, I used RAWgraphs

to measure the Sankey flows, and designed and built the visualization using Adobe Illustrator.

A Year for Recovery:

The second poster features data exploring how various service lines were impacted over the course of the past year by comparing patient visits in 2020 to a baseline of visits in 2019. The visualization shows the percentage change of visits with increases (in blue) or decreases (in pink) across the annual timeline for each service line listed. It is ordered by the largest decrease experienced in April 2020, a peak moment of the pandemic in the United States. Poster also shown on Arcadia's data gallery website.

I used D3.js to code the visualization, and brought the SVG file into Illustrator for layout and design.

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