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CURE Visualizations

Client: Liquid Agency for Ernest Packaging Solutions


- Large format poster for corporate offices

- Slide format visualization

- Individual department posters

Tools used: P5.js, Adobe Illustrator

In partnership with a creative and strategic team at Liquid Agency, I created three unique deliverables for their client Ernest Packaging Solutions. These visualizations communicate a qualitative dataset centered on how each employee and department play a role in the total company brand positioning and ways of working philosophy.


CURE stands for commit, understand, respond, and establish. It is a hardworking acronym that serves to outline how the departments contribute in various ways to the overarching brand mission. 

I assessed how the various CURE statements are interrelated by assigning key attributes to each. For example, various respond statements are focused on solutions, while many establish statements center on reliability. By utilizing color and scale of circles, we can begin to see where patterns appear, and what attributes are key to Ernest Packing Solutions' ways of working.

Furthermore, the circles for each department displayed within the poster come together to create an individual department icon representing the priorities within that group. The icons are again celebrated within individual department posters showcasing their specific CURE messages along with the icon and key attributes.

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