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Metropolitan Museum of Art: Landscape Generator site & Grafted Landscapes poster

Landscape Generator Site

See project on GitHub

View project video on Vimeo

Tools used: JavaScript including p5.js and jimp.js, HTML, CSS, Adobe Illustrator

The Landscape Generator is an interactive website made to encourage the user to engage with landscape paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection in a new and unusual way, leading them to discover details about the art they may overlook with a traditional view. Thirty landscape paintings from the Met are divided into equal slivers and re-aligned at random, oriented vertically based on an assigned horizon value between 0 and 1. The new resulting landscape shows a steady horizon across the middle, demonstrating variation in sky-to-land ratios throughout the original works.


As an evolution to the Landscape Generator, a large format poster visualization continues to explore the collection of generated slivers by showcasing all available pieces in various grouped assortments. The full landscape paintings are shown here as well along with a block displaying the most vibrant color of each. The Grafted Landscape poster was featured as part of the 2020 Data Through Design exhibition celebrating NYC Open Data.

Methodology available here

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