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HIMSS 2023 Chicago
Global Conference Poster



- 2 posters for HIMSS23 global conference in Chicago, Illinois

Tools used: P5.js, D3.js, Adobe Illustrator, RAW Graphs, Excel

I collaborated with healthcare data and software company to design and develop these gallery posters. Arcadia data scientists provided the data, analysis and subject expertise.

End-of-Life Care:

This visualization examines how hospice care at the end of a person's life impacts their medical costs during their final 30 days. The chart plots the cost per person at each day, and shows the mean value (solid dots) for someone who either receives adequate hospice care (10 days+), inadequate hospice care (< 10 days), or no hospice care. It also plots a randomized sample set shown with translucent layered dots. Those with adequate hospice end up spending much less on end of life care in comparison to inadequate or no hospice patients.

The Core of Care:

This second visualization looks at how a patient seeing a single provider can experience better health outcomes than one seeing multiple providers.

The poster is divided into three groups of information. The first looks at the risk closure for single vs. multiple providers. We can see that there is more risk closer across the board for low, medium, and high risk patients when seeing a single provider.

The second section uses parallel coordinates to graph how low, medium, and high risk patients utilize services.

Lastly, outcomes are visualized to show that cost per member per month are lower for single provider patients and the percent deceased of high risk patients is also lower for single provider patients.

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