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Cleveland Clinic Heart Institute: Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Disease Projections

Client: Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy Institute

- Two data visualization for the Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute (Miller Family) at Cleveland Clinic

Tools used: P5.js, Adobe Illustrator, Excel

I partnered with the Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy Institute to create two data visualizations that call attention to the great increase in projected cases of cardiovascular disease in the US and the risk factors that impact them. The Heart Institute utilizes these visualizations to illustrate to donors that funding is needed to support research and provide care for an increased patient population.

Cardiovascular Risk Factors:

This visualization shows how the population with these 4 risk factors are projected to have dramatically increased rates of cardiovascular disease in the future. The two colors denote the divide in cases between men and women.

Cardiovascular Disease Projections:

This visualization is designed to complement the previous visualization and shows the overall projected increase in cases for 4 different cardiovascular diseases. By 2060, cases will increase by several million.


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