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HIMSS 2022 Orlando
Global Conference Poster



- 1 poster for HIMSS22 global conference in Orlando, Florida

Tools used: P5.js, Adobe Illustrator

I collaborated with healthcare data and software company to design and develop this gallery poster. Arcadia data scientists provided the data, analysis and subject expertise.

This visualization explores the relationship between housing insecurity and serious medical conditions. The top portion compares condition prevalence among housed and unhoused members and also shows the increased likelihood of said condition when a person is unhoused. The bars on the bottom of the poster visualizes the cost per-member-per-month for various service lines for housed and unhoused members. This visual also communicates the multiplied increased spend within the service lines when a person is unhoused. This poster is also shown on Arcadia's data gallery website.

I used P5.js to code the visualization, and brought the SVG file into Illustrator for layout and final design.

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