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Cleveland Clinic Heart Institute: Mitral Valve Success

Client: Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy Institute

- Full spread data visualization for the Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute (Miller Family) at Cleveland Clinic

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Excel

I collaborated with the Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy Institute to create three printed data visualizations to both highlight the achievements of the Heart Institute and to call attention to the projected impact of cardiovascular disease in the near future. The Heart Institute utilizes these visualizations to illustrate to donors how their contributions can make a difference. Data collection, analysis were provided by the Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy Institute.

This visualization celebrates the immense achievement the heart institute has with a 0% mortality rate for mitral valve heart surgery. The use of a repeating lines helps to bring to light how many lives are impacted as well as giving a sense of how many more lives will be saved in the future.


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